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"Rachel is a phenomenal healer!  I've been a healer for at least two decades and it can be difficult to find someone able to go as deep as I'd like.  After just one session with Rachel, I've been able to move past blocks that were dogging me for almost 25 years.  Within one day, I was up and running on several projects, able to shift a health concern and  establish a conscious and profound connection to source.  My daily habits changed overnight as well.  I was struggling with establishing a meditation practice and general self care.  Since our session, I am up in the AM, meditating, journaling and truly enjoying my life and its challenges.  I am so grateful that I have the privilege of working with her.  Please give yourself the gift of working with Rachel.  You will not regret it!"

-- Kristen A.

"Rachel was so amazing to work with. She truly has a gift that was able to help both my children work through some physical issues they were dealing with.  We are blessed to have her in our lives and appreciates the time she spends to heal wounds that were burdening my children. 

Rachel is an exceptional healer. I had been experiencing swelling in my knee for on and off for a few months. I had it looked at but had no real answers on how to overcome this. After a few sessions with Rachel, I no longer have the swelling in my knee.  She has a very special gift that she is willing to share with us.  Not only is she an amazing healer but a wonderful human being. I am lucky to have her in my life."

-- Nicole C.

“Rachel is a powerful healer with pure energy, you cannot help but feel good in her presence. Having my akashic records read was a new experience that was life changing! It helped me uncover painful things I was hanging on to that were prohibiting me from moving forward in my life. I am so grateful of my healing.  I really do feel it was life changing. Thank you Rachel!”

-- Cyndi F.

Rachel is a beautiful soul and guide. I have been receiving Biofield Tunes from her for six months and my life and perspective have completely shifted. She holds healing space with grace and compassion. Gently offering guidance while giving me space to embrace my feelings and gently let go of what no longer serves me. This has been a transformational journey and I am forever grateful to have had such a gifted healer in my life to help me navigate. 

-- Christine D.

I had really been struggling with feeling overwhelmed, anxious and depleted in more than one area of life. I had been working too much and giving far beyond what I had in the tank. Resentment was building in some relationships because I found it difficult to enforce boundaries or ask for what I needed out of fear of rejection- fears of not feeling heard, understood and the fear of loss. There was also a belief in not having enough of anything- not enough time, money, love, support, etc. I didn’t realize how deep and old the patterns were and where exactly they originated. After the energy sessions each week with Rachel I began to feel a shift. I felt lighter and I began to incorporate Rachel’s feedback and implement some of her suggestions. I spent as much time in Nature as I could to ground and meditate so I could really reflect on Rachel’s guidance and connect more deeply to Source. As a result of this and more, there were some very real shifts that occurred over the course of only 1 month. I had a wave of new business occur as well as some very meaningful conversations with loved ones. I also felt more energy and a renewed interest in travel, social events and taking on more creative endeavors. It has been my nature to work hard for as long as I can remember, but the energetic work with Rachel has helped me find a much more relaxed feeling and perspective, one that allows a belief in the abundance of Source. This relaxed and grounded state of being feels really, really good. I’m so grateful to Rachel for sharing her very special gifts and unique perspective with myself and the world we share. I know everyone and anyone would benefit deeply from a commitment to this work with her. I would recommend Rachel to any of my friends, family members, colleagues, and clients to help them get unstuck. It needs to be experienced to be believed but this stuff really works!

-- Tracy G. 

Rachel is one of the kindest and most compassionate Energetic Healers and Spiritual Coaches I have had the honor of working with. She has a gentle yet firm way of helping you see through your blocks to aid you on your own personal soul expansion journey. I've been honored to work with Rachel on Coaching and Accountability as well as receiving sound healing sessions with her. By working together I have seen great strides in my professional and personal life. I have deep gratitude for her and highly recommend her to anyone looking for honest guidance. 

-- Christy K.

"Rachel is a deeply intuitive channel and her gifts for healing are profound. I have worked with her many times over the years and her sessions have helped me to shift and release that which was no longer in alignment with me and helped me to connect with my heart and my highest good. She has the ability to tune into and sense exactly what your energetic body needs. I always feel like my soul has had a deep, gentle cleaning after our sessions. Her presence is authentic, loving, and powerful and she is masterful in holding space for her clients. She creates a space where you feel safe to be vulnerable and honest.  I am so grateful for her gifts and magic!"

-- Elaine K.

"Rachel Mari is a multi-faceted energy healer, intuitive, and lightworker of the highest integrity. Her gifts include the ability to utilize many energy healing and intuitive modalities including, but not limited to, Reiki, Seichim, biofield tuning, past life regression, kundalini yoga, meditation, and Akashic records and intuitive card readings. I received many energy healing and intuitive guidance sessions from Rachel, and she is by far my go to healer and intuitive when I’m feeling off center, wonky, and in need of some direction/guidance.  She taps into my energetic field, and although I could choose which modality I’d like for my session, I trust her guidance as to which modality would best serve me - one or any combination of the several healing modalities listed above. Although every session is different, I always receive profound healing on the physical and/or metaphysical levels.  She is thorough, gentle, and professional - setting intentions and letting me know how she intends to proceed with the session in addition to a recap directly after - if you choose to receive that information. Rachel Mari comes with my highest recommendation.  As a master energy healer/teacher and intuitive empath myself, I can honestly say that she is the real deal.  You will not be disappointed!"

-- Venezia F.

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